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The mission of AWC is to promote the prevention of further environmental degradation; and the protection, restoration, and enhancement of waterways, wetlands, and associated uplands within the Municipality of Anchorage.


CUDDY PARK signage is up!

After a year of work involving a variety of stakeholders, new signs are now installed at Cuddy Park that explain why it is unhealthy to feed the waterfowl. Not only is it bad for the birds nutritionally, but feeding contributes to degraded water quality and bank erosion due to the impact of increased numbers of ducks and geese.  Get over and check the new signs out.  They were designed by DNR's Alaska State Parks Division, and are quite a departure from common interpretive signage.  And, remember, leave your bread at home!


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  Four days of Creek Cleanup in mid-May and here are the stats:


If you would like to download a version to print and color, click here. This is a great tool to educate the public and our children about keeping the "wild" in wildlife.  


Fred Meyer Rewards for non-profits need to be renewed


If you have already linked your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Anchorage Waterways Council, we thank you.  Your purchases have generated income for our programs.  An annual renewal of the link is required to keep those donations coming. Anchorage Waterways Council's Fred Meyer Rewards number is 88984.  It's simple, just sign up or renew. Those who have signed up previously should receive an email asking them to renew around June 8. Every quarter AWC receives a donation thanks to your shopping there. Thank you.