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Creeks as Classrooms

The Anchorage Waterways Council (AWC) partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in 2008 to develop a Creeks as Classrooms model for the Anchorage School District (ASD). Year one built on AWC’s relationship and experience with Polaris K-12, where a successful program continued to evolve. Begich Middle School and King Career Center, both located very close to Chester Creek, participated in the pilot program along with Polaris K-12. Year two was funded again by the USFWS and the Bullitt Foundation.

Between 2011 and 2015, ConocoPhillips provided a $20,000 grant every year to continue and expand the program.  In 2012-2013 nearly 3,000 students and campers were provided with creekside education.  These include Rogers Park Elementary, Chugach Optional School Scoouts, Polaris K12, Girdwood K-8, Romig Middle school, Trailside Elementary, Eagle River Nature Center, Mears Middle School, Begich Middle School, and camps including the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) Academy, UAA STEM Program, ADF&G youth camps, Indian Enrichment Program (Begich Middle School), Trailside Discovery Camp, Kincaid Adventure Camp, 4H Club, and Russian Jack Explorer's Club.  

For 2014, AWC  worked with over 2,500 youth during the school year and summer.  Summer camps with the Municipality, Water Discovery Day at Campbell Creek Science Center, an Environmental/Science event for Girl Scouts at Kiwanis Fish Creek Park, and a study of Chester Creek and Westchester Lagoon with Steller Secondary.  In the successive two years, AWC led a variety of hands-on creek explorations to nearly 10,000 local students and campers.  ConocoPhillips again provided support in 2017 which allowed AWC to continue with a variety of groups from K - University. This link will take you to a video produced by students in Audrey Taylor's Conservation Biology class in spring.  It was a project where AWC worked with students regarding discarded monofilament.  Dj Tyson and his classmates produced it in a very short time--and it really captures the essence of the problem.


Thank you ConocoPhillips for your financial support.




If you would like to see a short video made by 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students from Girdwood K-8 in 2012, click here.