AWC Heading


This program began in summer 2010.  The goal has been to connect groups and organizations with a stretch of a creek that they will be responsible for.  Some aspects of this responsibility include: trash cleanups, invasive plant removal, photography and sketch mapping of the area for changes, and minor repairs if bank erosion is occurring.  Some groups are taking a proactive stance to wrap trees in reaches where there is high beaver activity.

The initial funding for the program was from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a year.  AWC is still working with existing adopters, and it has taken on a couple of new groups despite the lack of financial support.  The most enduring group is the Anchorage Meetup Group ( who adopted a stretch of Campbell Creek between Lake Otis and Elmore.  

In fall 2013 the 525 Bulldogs Aircraft Weapons group from Elmendorf took over a long stretch on Ship Creek.  The 525 Bulldogs are not new to working on Anchorage creeks, and a few years back pulled a group together in November to remove a refrigerator and several tons of trash from Chester Creek by Muldoon and DeBarr.  They are back with new members.  Thank you 525 Bulldogs!










There are lots of opportunities for groups, neighborhoods, or companies to get involved.  AWC provides guidance, trash bags, gloves, fencing, erosion material, invasive identification, etc.  Contact Cherie Northon at 272-7335 or if you are interested.

Please check back as we add more information.