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Creek Cleanup Supply Locations

These are the 2018 Creek Cleanup locations and teams.  If you are interested in 2019, check back in March 2019.

The maps show where teams will be cleaning. Teams that have signed up for all or part of the map segment are indicated in red.  These locations will have teams cleaning them between May 10 and 14 at specified days and times.  Further team sign-ups are closed.  Thank you for your interest.

Map 1 Ship Creek Mouth to Kapp Dam  Yukon River Allies

Map 2 Ship Creek Dam to Post Rd. 

Map 3 Ship Creek Post Rd. to Reeve Blvd. EEC Up Ship Creek

Map 4 Ship Creek JBER--Reeve Blvd. to Vandenberg Ave. (restricted access

Map 5 Ship Creek JBER--Vandenberg Ave. to old bridge (restricted access

Map 6 Ship Creek JBER--old bridge to Glenn Hwy (restricted access)

Map 7 Chester Creek Westchester Lagoon (West and East lagoons to Spenard Rd.) ERM, Stoel Rives LLP

Map 8 Chester Creek Spenard Rd. to A St. Team Orange, Cub Scout Pack 103 

Map 9 Chester Creek A St. to Seward Hwy  Yale Stream Team

Map 10 Chester Creek Seward Hwy to Lake Otis Pkwy  Quantum Spatial

Map 11 N. Fork Chester Creek Confluence to 15th Ave.  HDR

Map 12 S. Fork Chester Creek    Lake Otis Pkwy to Providence Dr.   BF Water Warriors   

Map 13 S. Fork Chester Creek Providence Dr. to University Lake at Elmore DOWL

Map 14 S. Fork Chester Creek Tudor Centre to Boniface Pkwy ANTHC EpiCenter

Map 15 S. Fork Chester Creek Boniface Pkwy to Northern Lights Blvd.   

Map 16 S. Fork Chester Creek Baxter  to Patterson St. 

Map 17 S. Fork Chester Creek Patterson St. to end (Early View Dr.) 

Map 18 Middle Fork Chester Creek Confluence to Bragaw  East High Environmental Club

Map 19 Middle Fork Chester Creek Bragaw to Pine St.   East High Environmental Club

Map 20 Fish Creek Mouth to Northern Lights Blvd.  

Map 21 Fish Creek Northern Lights Blvd. to McRae Rd. Fish Creek Friends

Map 22 Fish Creek McRae Rd. to Northwood Dr.  Trout Unlimited

Map 23 Fish Creek Northwood Dr. to end 

Map 24 Campbell Creek Campbell Lake (restricted access

Map 25 Campbell Creek Dimond Blvd. to Minnesota Dr. Knik Canoers and Kayakers - Creek, St. John United Methodist Earth Stewards

Map 26 Campbell Creek Minnesota Dr. to C St.  PND

Map 27 Campbell Creek C St. to AK Railroad (not Taku Lake)   Weston Solutions

Map 28 Campbell Creek AK Railroad to E. Dowling Rd.   Bruce Roberts Co.

Map 29 Campbell Creek Old Seward to Seward Hwy USFWS

Map 30 Campbell Creek Seward Hwy to Lake Otis Pkwy CRW Team

Map 31 Campbell Creek Lake Otis Pkwy to Piper St. Anchorage Adventurers Meetup 

Map 32 Little Campbell Creek (includes N. Fork and S. Fork) Confluence at AK Railroad to Seward Hwy    BOEM 

Map 33 S. Fork Little Campbell Creek Seward Hwy to Lake Otis Pkwy UMIAQ

Map 34 S. Fork Little Campbell Creek Lake Otis Pkwy to Abbott Rd.  

Map 35 S. Fork Little Campbell Creek Abbott Rd. to O'Malley Rd.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church 

Map 36 S. Fork Little Campbell Creek O'Malley Rd. to Hillside Dr. 

Map 37 S. Fork Little Campbell Creek above Hillside Dr. 

Map 39 N. Fork Little Campbell Creek Seward Hwy to Lake Otis Pkwy 

Map 40 S. Fork of N. Fork Little Campbell Creek Lake Otis Pkwy at 68th to Spruce St. 

Map 41 N. Fork Little Campbell Creek Spruce St. to Elmore Rd. PAMC 5 North

Map 42 Furrow Creek Mouth to AK Railroad

Map 43 Furrow Creek Seward Hwy/Huffman to Huffman Circle  . 

Glacier Creek (Mouth to Airport)  Girdwood residents

Potter Marsh Boardwalk 

Potter Marsh Boy Scout Troop 26

University Lake - area between lake and ANMC Campus Clean up Crew

Taku Lake GCI 

Goose Lake Plastic and Offal Obliteration Patrol

Jewel Lake Fishing Pier (south end) 

Jewel Lake Swimming Beach  

Tikishla Park Alaska Wild Outsiders Club

Waldron Lake FLAK Cleaners

Chester Creek at Davenport Fields east  

Cheney Lake  Csilla and Eva