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Volunteer Opportunities

Participate individually, with your family and friends, or form your own Creek Cleanup Team. Creek Cleanup is a time to meet new and like-minded individuals, learn about why our watersheds need protection, and have FUN doing it!  To check availability of areas, go to our location page.  

Teams- form a group of friends, co-workers, or family. They can be any number of people.  The team leader needs to sign up the team and add information necessary for AWC to provide you with sufficient supplies. Your site is also chosen based on availability.  Check here for maps of available areas.  Leaders will be responsible for picking up a tote or bucket of supplies, having their team members sign-in, providing important instructions, and returning the unused supplies and sign-in sheets to AWC.  Sorry, we are no longer able to sign up teams.  Please see following as you can still clean even as a group.

Individuals and Family Cleaners- Come to either Westchester Lagoon or the NE side of University Lake on Saturday, May 14, from 10 am - 2 pm where we will have a Creek Cleanup Honcho stationed.  Pick up your bags and gloves and head out to clean.

Responders- pitch in during the week of Creek Cleanup to pick up bagged trash and take it to recycling or the Central Transfer station.  With individuals and teams cleaning over 4 days, the trash needs to be collected quickly.  If you have a truck or can help sling bags into a truck, this is for you!  Please email if you can help with this.