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2014 APDES Watershed Perception Survey, published March 2015.

2014 APDES Watershed Perception Survey questions.

2010 APDES Watershed Perception Survey questions.

2010 APDES Watershed Perception Survey, published January 2011.

How to Live with a Lake, published January 2015.

How to Live with a Creek, published September 2013.


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Ship Creek Unplugged

Anchorage Daily News

July 19, 2010 - Care for Anchorage's Waterways When you Care for Your Lawn
May 17, 2010 - Unswept Streets
April 3, 2010 - Dog Poop Pollution
January 17, 2010 - Next Time you Flush
June 27, 2009 - Leftover Dirt
November 28, 2008 - Road Sanding
November 4, 2006 - Leaves and Grass Clippings
October 24, 2006 - Trash in Creeks
October 15, 2006 - Beaver Damage
September 4, 2006 - Health of Creeks


Campbell Creek History (PDF)
Restoring ecological function and value to aquatic resources in the Little Campbell Creek watershed (pdf)

What We Do to Protect Our Creeks

Yard care ideas for protecting our waterways, AWC brochure, 4/11, p. 1 & p. 2



Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation


Visit the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water, website and download the 2016 report to learn more about water quality standards for different parameters, such as temperature, fecal coliform, dissolved oxygen, etc. and the state of Alaska's waterways. 


Please dispose of all waste properly.  Do not throw trash into our creeks or in other places.  If you are unsure where your waste can go, please contact the following:

Municipality of Anchorage Central Waste Transfer Station--Hazardous Waste Collection Center:  The Municipality has two locations that accept hazardous waste (paints, household and industrial chemicals, motor oil, etc.).  One is in mid-town at the Central Waste Transfer Station, 1111 E. 56th, and the other is in Eagle River at the Anchorage Regional Landfill at the intersection of Hiland Road and the Glenn Highway.  Click here for more information or call (907) 343-6262.  Please do not pour any hazardous waste down home or storm drains as it will directly or indirectly end up in our creeks, waterways, and ocean.

ALPAR (Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling):  Aluminum cans, newspapers, cardboard, mixed and office paper, magazines and catalogs, plastic bottles (#1 PETE) and jugs (#2 HDPE), and plastic bags are just some of the items that you can dispose of without cost at one of Anchorage's recycling locations.  The Anchorage Recycling Center off of Dowling below the New Seward and the Anchorage Landfill accept most items.  Several bins are located around town at grocery stores, businesses and schools will accept specific items.  See for recycling information and locations.  Please do not leave anything other than what the recycling bin is labeled for.  Doing so may jeopardize having that site available as the owner or ALPAR will have to clean up trash and dispose of it at the landfill. 




Other Electronic Recycling - This program helps the environment by providing a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices.  There is also an incentive to receive a gift card with each donation.  Check out the link.

Medicine Disposal - This program is available at local Fred Meyer Pharmacies which provide a Take-Away option.  Don't flush unwanted drugs, return them for proper disposal.