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Scoop The Poop Mission:

The Scoop the Poop Committee is a

collaborative effort, facilitated by the Anchorage

Waterways Council (AWC) to reduce fecal

coliform counts in Anchorage waterways by

encouraging the responsible pet ownership

practice of picking up after their pets.


  Members of the committee include:
Anchorage Waterways Council
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
MOA Animal Care and Control
 MOA Watershed Management Services
MOA Parks and Recreation
Alaska SPCA
Alyeska Canine Trainers
Friends of Pets
Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Anchorage Unleashed
Drool Central
Alaska Dog Sports
 Kitty and K-9 Connection


We believe that environmentally healthy watersheds are a vital part of the high quality of life that we enjoy in Anchorage, and that the beautiful creeks of Anchorage need a group specifically dedicated to advocating for their health and well-being. Since dog feces are known to be a contributor to the impairment of water quality in some creeks in Anchorage, facilitating the Scoop the Poop Committee is an integral part of the AWC mission.

Anchorage has an estimated 73,774 dogs eliminating approximately 0.32 pounds of waste per dog, per day. That adds up to more than 10 tons of waste produced every day. A significant amount of that fecal matter is deposited into parks, common areas, and neighborhoods and is left to dissolve and run off into our local water bodies. The Committee’s goal is to educate pet owners about reducing this type of pollution by “scooping the poop” and disposing of it properly. The committee extends special thanks to: Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, Alice Welling and Northwest Strategies.